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0000760v3.0 Release[All Projects] Generalpublic2011-03-28 21:392013-08-28 11:25
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Summary0000760: Currency appends EEK after GB pound symbol selected
DescriptionIf you select a currency symbol (£ in my case) there isn't an appropriate currency format in preferences. EUR formats append a suffix (e.g EEK - estonian Kroons) after the budget figure. Thus £1000.00 EEK

I commented out the line:

$currency .= $currency_prefix . $mondat['int_curr_symbol'] . $currency_suffix;

in \includes\main_functions.php around line 1002 to get the format I wanted.

I have noticed also however, that doing this changes the drop down list of currency formats in Sysadmin->default user preferences.

Can't say I understand what is going on but what is wanted is the option:

a) specify currency symbol
b) select a currency format that doesn't include suffix or prefix
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2011-12-28 18:36   
a) Within the System Configuration, you can specify the currency symbol you want. I updated mine to £ and it worked as expected.

b) All of the prefixes and suffixes have been removed.

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