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0000789v2.4 Release (Closed)[All Projects] Generalpublic2011-04-28 08:502011-08-16 23:46
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Summary0000789: Tasks ending before they begin = 500 error
DescriptionI brought down your demo twice by trying to create events that end before they begin. The server goes into a 500 error for some reason. I think an easy-to-create if statement would fix this pretty easily, but this makes me want to not use your product with such a bug....
Additional InformationTested, worked twice. Hard to test more because the server has to wait until it's fixed...
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2011-04-28 08:51   
Also, I accidently put this in the wrong category. Sorry.

2011-04-28 08:52   
Can you share exactly what you did to accomplish this one?
2011-04-28 08:55   
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When you schedule a task to be completed, I simply set the end time to be before the start time...
Well, I guess that's it. Either that, or the demo really doesn't like the title I used or test admins creating new tasks...

(If you fix the demo [assuming you have that ability], I can take a screenshot...)

2011-04-28 09:08   
Actually, I figured out that it must set a cookie or something because the 500 error doesn't show up in one browser, but shows up in another - until I do the same thing in that browser, where it goes down again.

I uploaded a picture.
2011-04-30 03:04   
Hi Shaking, thanks for reporting the issue.

Pull request with a fix is sent on github.
2011-05-06 20:03   
Resolved with Robert's merge in r1885;
The AppUI wasn't always getting set (or even instantiated), this path does that.

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