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0000791v2.4 Release (Closed)[All Projects] Generalpublic2011-05-03 09:312011-08-16 23:49
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Summary0000791: Cannot Checkin File (V. 2.3.1)
DescriptionI was testing the interface for implementation to all my client sites and ran across this problem during the "file" checkout, checkin process. It checked out fine but when I come back and press the checkin icon, I get this Screen:

You have attempted to access an item in web2Project without the sufficient permissions to do so. Please contact the web2Project System Administrator.

And it will not let me checkin the documetn.
Additional InformationTo me this is major since it won't allow me to keep a current version of the document for collaboration. At the moment, I can't even delete the document and upload it again once I have ecited it. That means I would have unnecessary versions of the same document on the server because I can't delete them OR check them back in. I love the software but if this can't be fixed, I'll have to see what else I can find to do the job. I will say that I have also tested this in various browsers to the same outcome.
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2011-05-03 12:48   
Like any problem, it can definitely be fixed. As is, it's a top candidate for v3.0 next month and we'll probably have a patch long before that.
2011-07-23 20:19   
Updated in one of the earlier refactorings, not sure which one.

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