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0000800v2.4 Release (Closed)[All Projects] Generalpublic2011-05-10 04:202011-08-16 23:37
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Summary0000800: problem for changing dependant tasks
i am passing through a problem when changing dependant tasks dates and hours. Lets see the case: Considering there is task A and Task B where B, depends from task A. The Dependency tracking i on task B and on creation the flag "Set task start date based on dependency" was on.

Date and time of tasks:
Task A : 03/01/2011 -08:00 am --10/01/2011 -06:00 pm (9 hours daily)
Task B : 11/01/2011 -08:00 am --18/01/2011 -06:00 pm (9 hours daily)
When i change date (2 more days, ex.) on TASK A, the time on date B changes on a mysterious way

Task A : 03/01/2011 -08:00 am --12/01/2011 -06:00 pm (9 hours daily)
Task B : 11/01/2011 -03:00 am --18/01/2011 -08:00 am (9 hours daily)
The time on task B changes from Start Date hour: 08:00 am to 03:am / Finish date Hour: 06:00 pm 08:00 am on the same day. My project has 4 levels and this behavior automatically happens to all the chain of tasks.
Additional InformationI've already checked the info of timezone on server, user and application. they are the same
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has duplicate 0000560closed caseydk Incorrect start/stop date when Dependency tracking on 
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2011-05-28 13:03   
Can you give me a snapshot of your database for testing?
2011-05-29 09:58   
How can i do that?
2011-06-03 08:58   
here it goes the mysql dump for this database
2011-08-13 22:15   
This was an issue in the duration not being calculated correctly or applied at the right time... and then the timezones weren't being applied either;
Otherwise it was okay ;)
Resolved in r2029;

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