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0000805v2.4 Release (Closed)[All Projects] Generalpublic2011-05-17 12:012011-08-16 23:37
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Summary0000805: Tooltips not showing properly in IE 7 & 8
DescriptionWhen mouse-hovering over settings item in the page accessed through "My Info"-> "Edit preferences" -> "System configuration", the tooltips are displayed in white fonts over the light-gray background, missing the black tooltip background shown in Firefox, for instance.

I believe that would be true for all tooltips (I've seen it with those over the grid-views.)

Tooltips were readable and correctly displayed in release 2.2.
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2011-05-19 12:34   
I have the same problem. Unfortunately, IE8 is used in my Company under Windows XP.

It's a known IE8 issue with RGBA-color. I solved the Problem by add the follow code on the end of the stylesheet-file (/style/web2project/main.css):

/* Hack for IE8 (rgba-Problem) */
#tiptip_content {
background-color: transparent\9;

Ofcourse you must change the file main.css for every used style.
2011-05-30 21:25   
I fixed this while working on issue 754, the fix is in this commit:

please test and verify that the fix works, thanks!
2011-05-31 11:40   
(Last edited: 2011-05-31 11:42)
I have tested the fix with IE8. It works, but without transparency (fallback to rgba) and without Arrow. For me it's ok.

Thank you!

2011-08-07 15:46   
Resolved in r1931;

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