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0000816Pending RequestsTaskspublic2011-05-31 00:062014-08-16 10:19
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Summary0000816: Sort tasks

For now the tasks are sorted depending on the start date.

It could be great to be able to sort tasks, especially the dynamic tasks.
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related to 0001258closed caseydk v3.0 Release Unable to sort tasks in a Gantt chart 
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2011-05-31 07:36   
Sort Tasks based on... ?

Name? Owner? Start date? End date? % complete?
2011-05-31 23:59   
By another value.
I think a field should be "Sort Value"

You set this field to 1, 2, 3, .... and this will sort the tasks.
If this is not set, the default behaviour is to sort by start date.

I am not sure this is possible.

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