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Summary0000829: Dependency tracking has no effect
DescriptionWhen I check "dependency tracking on" on a task with a dependency I see absolutely no effect on the starting date if a task on which it depends ends later or sooner than originaly planed.

If the task is not completed on time, further logs don't push the end date further. Also if a log is entered with a progress of 100% the end date of the task is not set to this date as one would expect.

So what does dependency tracking perform at all if it doesn't allow to update a project's planing automatically according to the real progress?(duration of tasks are rarely predictable with accuracy, anybody knows). In fact you can distinguisch between planed dates and effective dates (I thought first that "Show work instead of duration" in the Gantt chart would do that but I can't see any changes in the displayed dates.
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2011-08-07 21:07   
Resolved in r2013:

Now whenever you update a task, it does a few things:
- If you add a task_log after the task_end_date, it will automatically update the task_end_date to the task_log_date. The task may not be complete but it will at least capture that things are shifting.

- It uses the most recent percent complete at all times. This allows you to fill in "middle logs" and note their percent complete without modifying the task.
-- For example, if you log a task as 5% complete on Monday and 50% on Friday, you can go back and fill in 30% on Wednesday without modifying the *current* percent complete.
-- Also, if something goes wrong and you have to update it to 25% the following Monday, that is captured also.
-- At some point, we can create reports based on tracking the precise % complete at any given point in time to perform Earned Value Management.

- Setting the percent complete to 100% immediately changes the task_end-date to the task_log_date and pushes all the dates forward as necessary.

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