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0000858Pending RequestsTaskspublic2011-07-05 06:402014-06-22 21:05
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Summary0000858: Tasks are totally out of whack
Description1. I changed the SelectList TaskStatus in sysadmin to show more than active/inactive. This seems to have been the culprit. There is no visible admonision NOT to touch this list, if this is a no-no. It looks invitingly customizable.

2. I start a new task, change the settings and press submit. I get an SMTP error message and blank screen.

3. Backing up to reach visible pages again -no sight of the task in the project.

4. Logging out and logging in again gives a dayview pic as in the attached file. There are a list of the tasks above, without any info beside the name of the task. (I changed the name if it was a special character error, but no.)

5. The upper list's task names are clickable, but the tasks are not visible for the user. They are only visible by me as admin, and in the day view.

6. Changing the SelectList TaskStatus back to 0|Active, -1|Inactive plus logging off, logging in again sorted the problem.
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child of 0000154new  Hard-coded System Parameters 
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2011-07-24 09:06   
This is a couple different issues, but the core of it is a hard-coded filter that - you're right - looks customizable but is not.

I'm moving this to v3.0 work because it needs a good amount of effort and refactoring to go with ti.
2011-11-26 21:18   
This immediate problem (missing tasks) has been resolved in r2213, which will be part of the v3.0 release;

I *hate* this implementation but it will have to do until we can wipe out the rest of the hard coded aspects.

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