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0000086v2.0 Release (Closed)[All Projects] Generalpublic2009-01-29 04:122010-06-21 21:14
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Summary0000086: Percent Calculation with Subprojects
When you have subprojects that make up another project, the % complete calculation does not take those into account. They should roll up into the higher level project the same as Tasks.
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related to 0000143closed caseydk v1.2 Release (Closed) Project % Complete Calculations 
has duplicate 0000443closed caseydk v1.3 Release (Closed) project_percent_complete is not calculated from subprojects 
related to 0000189closed caseydk v2.0 Release (Closed) Start/End Date Cascading with Subprojects 
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2010-05-30 20:48   
Resolved in r1103-1105.

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