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0000860v2.4 Release (Closed)[All Projects] Generalpublic2011-07-05 11:042011-08-16 23:38
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Summary0000860: LDAP failed with error: "contact owner is not set"
Description(I had a thread open at the Forum asking the same question, but did not get any response back. So I posted here again for better visibility. Sorry for the duplication. This is an urgent issue for us).

I have recently installed web2project, and enabled LDAP. However, the LDAP login never works, and it complains:

modules\contacts\contacts.class.php(92): CContact::store-check failed - contact owner is not set

This is an error during user creation. web2project authenticate the user against LDAP, and succeeded. It then tried to create a user in its database, but failed with the above message.
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2011-07-14 23:10   
Resolved in r1984, will be in next release;
2011-07-14 23:17   
How big is the code change? Can you send it to me so I can fix myself and not waiting for the next release? We need it working ASAP.
2011-07-14 23:32   
One line:
2011-07-25 21:46   
I finally got a chance to try this fix out. It seems moves one step further. Now I am getting:

contacts.class.php(115): CContact::store failed Out of range value for column 'contact_owner' at row 1

I debugged through it, and found that the value of "contact_owner" is set to -1. It seems like coming from "$AppUI->user_id". I am curious, what is $AppUI->user_id?

Any help greatly appreciated!
2011-07-30 15:21   
Just within the createsqluser method, you may need this line:

global $AppUI;
2011-07-30 15:34   
I have this line in that function. See attached code.

I tried hard coding contact_owner to 1, and it works, but I don't know if it is OK to hard code.
2011-08-01 15:26   
Any comments? What is "contact_owner" used for? Is it OK to hard code it to 1?
2011-08-01 18:10   
Yes, hard code it to whatever your ID is.

This is closed in the pending release.. which will become the actual release (and solve your problems) if people stop complaining that they have problems.

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