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0000890v3.0 Release[All Projects] Generalpublic2011-07-14 12:472013-10-31 06:19
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Summary0000890: Multiple events created for projects with multiple departments assigned
DescriptionWhen a project is edited and multiple departments are set to one project (in edit project menu, by pressing ctrl) and afterwards creating an event connected with THIS project causes creation of unique event to appear for each department. This really messes up the calendar
Additional Informationsteps to reproduce on Demo server:
1) Create few new departments (dep1, dep2...)
2) create a new project
3) edit this project
4) with pressed CTRL choose multiple departments assigned to project
5) create an event (by selecting create event for THIS EXACT project)
6) Observe calendar - and see multiple identical events created for each department
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2011-07-24 21:55   
Solved this issue by adding DISTINCT predicate to file \modules\calendar\calendar.class.php at Line: 645
$$query_set->addQuery('DISTINCT e.*');

Seems that similar problem can be found in report section as well, so DISTINCT predicate can be added in
/Modules/reports/reports/tasklogs.php Line: 165
Modules/reports/reports/tasklogs_xp1.php Line: 163
And I think the problem is solved :)
2011-10-21 00:21   
Resolved as described:

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