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Summary0000909: Task Templates
DescriptionCan we have a way to create task templates that will consist of a dynamic task with a couple of sub-tasks. for eg. when we assign bug fixing, it involves sub-taks like (1) issue reproducing (2) code study (3) impact analysis (4) code fix (5) unit testing (6) integration testing.

This is standard for all bug fixes.

Another task template for New Feature requests might look like (1) Requirement Analysis (2) Impact Analysis (3) Coding (4) Unit Testing (4) Integration Testing

This will help us pin point the current status of each task. We tried with logging. But that does not give us a good picture when we see the reports. So we have resorted to creating sub-tasks. If we have a template, then that simplifies the work.
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2011-07-31 12:07   
or in projectdesigner: copy (with children) to project xxx below task yyy

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