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Summary0000949: Issue with Tasklog module and IE8 (tasklog is not saved properly in the database)
DescriptionWhen I introduce hours in the task log they are saved properly in the database but when I leave the screen and return again it appears in blank, so it's not reading the data in the database properly.
I see a few fields that appear with value zero like (task_log_project, task_log_creator or task_log_updator). Is there some place where I can find the explanation of the different fields in order to understand whether they need to be filled or not? Anyway, I've changed the values of the fields above manually with the correct project number and correct user and it didn't work either, so I think these fields aren't used for anything here.

When I introduce the hours with Filezilla 6 it works fine and when I introduce the hours trough IE8 it doesn't work. The reason is because IE8 save the field task_log_creator in the table task_log with 0 instead of the number of the user_id.

Additional InformationYou can find more info in the following thread (including screenshots).
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