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Summary0000956: When creating new user, two users are created

I don't know if problem is in my installation (latest patch), but I can not create new users in W2P (not in normal way like before).

Every time (in IE 7.0 and in FF 4.0) I receive error (see attach file), and two users are created, and of course put in list of Inactive Users.

I delete one of them, put roles to another, and that user log in.
That user change password, but new password don't work (I receive message that password is changed, but it does not work).

Can you please check this. Maybe problem is only in my installation.

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2011-09-12 17:31   
This has been fixed in this commit on github -

It will be available from sourceforge as soon as Keith has had a chance to merge it in.

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