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0000963v3.0 Release[All Projects] Generalpublic2011-09-12 10:472013-08-28 11:24
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Summary0000963: Subproject icon does no appear when multi-subproject context is set
DescriptionThe "plus" icon that indicates a project with subprojects is missing when we use a multi-subproject context.
In my organization we have a root project that means the current portfolio. This project contains programs (a collection of projects) or projects). When we need to create a program (second hierarchical level) attached to portfolio (first hierarchical level), and from this program we insert many projects (as subproject), this program does not shows subproject plus icon. If we detach the program from de portfolio, the subproject icon is shown.
My suggestion is that could be possible to set an endless level of hierarchy of projects.
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related to 0000745closed caseydk New project creation error , child project not visible in list of project 
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2011-12-28 17:03   
Resolved as a part of 0000745

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