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Summary0000968: Additional reports about projects
DescriptionWe have great reports in W2P that gives us great view about task (done or in progress) and users.

But, report that would gave us overview about projects we don't have.

For example something like file in attachment.
This could be report that gives us gantt chart of all projects which meet some condition (e.g. project that have desired status; or project where project owner is XY; or projects that should be finish in selected time....)

In this way management would have better view of all project in which they are interested.

Maybe also it would be good that we have "Detail Report" which would give us all information about selected project. E.g. Details about project, gantt chart, list of tasks with assigned persons, all logs....everything about selected project in one report (PDF).

I think that we can use W2P in our organization in proper way only if management supports it. For that reason they also should like W2P.
Reports are good way to make them satisfied.

So, some good reports that would give better overview on projects could help to implement W2P in more organizations.
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