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Summary0000972: Project number not displayed in project summary?
DescriptionMy users use the project ID number as the main reference for projects. After all, the name can be changed but the number goes on forever. It's just that it's not actually displayed anywhere on the web pages. I have pointed out that it is in the URI of the project, of course, but they don't see that as being "ON THE PAGE"! As a sop to them I modified projects/view.php to allow the project ID to appear in the project view next to the name of the project:
"Widget Production (Project 2356)"


Additional InformationTo do this, in our copy of W2P I altered (currently) line 130+- of modules/projects/view.php
"' . $project->project_name . '"
"' . $project->project_name . ' (Project '. $project->project_id . ')"

That seems to satisfy them, but is it just my lot that want this or does anyone else ask for something similar??? I can imagine that if it's not necessary, I'll simply keep making this change manually as it could open a can of worms: you'll get requests for Project and then Task numbers displayed (or not, depending on preferences), requests to add custom status or user prefixes, suffixes reports, printouts, etc. to the mix.
I'll be on #web2project on Freenode... ;-)
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2014-08-16 10:08   
Resolved in development:
2014-09-05 02:20   
I'm not sure this is correct. The change linked does not seem to refer to this issue.

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