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0000973v3.0 Release[All Projects] Generalpublic2011-09-18 22:432013-08-28 11:26
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Summary0000973: PDF generation for large Gantt charts
DescriptionEvery time I try to print Gantt chart larger than X tasks it doesn' t generate. After several experiments noticed, that it happens only then when "smart_slice function" occurs. => if Gantt pdf is generated on several pages it won't print.

Web2Project v2.4
Linux Fedora
Apache 2.2
PHP 5.3.6

Although it refers to every configuration

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2011-09-27 06:52   
I was having the same issue this is what I did, look in your includes folder, open the file deprecated_functions.php and change line 0000201 from -->

$length = ($showNoMilestones) ? 26 : 25; --> this would only print 25 tasks any number over 25 will not print.

--> To
$length = ($showNoMilestones) ? 250: 250 ; --> this will print up to 250 tasks, and if you believe that the number needs to be higher just change it in this file.

It might not be the best solution but so far it works on my instance of web2p
2011-11-26 22:40   
Resolved elsewhere in v3.0 development, nothing more to do for now;

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