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0000979v3.0 Release[All Projects] Generalpublic2011-09-20 03:452013-08-28 11:26
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Summary0000979: Global Search returns blank page
DescriptionIf you enter a search term into the "Global Search" box all you get in return is a page that is blank from the search box down. No result returned, or at least, no result is displayed. Noted on Trunk downloaded last week and also on Trunk downloaded today. Using parallel copy of 2.3 on same database, it works fine.
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2011-09-27 23:22   
Do you have all of the same Add On Modules installed?

Right now the search doesn't recover gracefully from missing modules..
2011-09-27 23:36   
Doh! <slaps head> - Yes, we do use the "ToDos" extension, but I forgot to move it across to this installation. </slaps head>.
Needless to say search works fine once that module is moved across.
2011-10-01 22:32   
this is resolved in latest dev and will be merged with the core system later today;
it will be in the v3.0 release;

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