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0000984v3.0 Release[All Projects] Generalpublic2011-09-26 02:332013-08-28 11:24
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.0.0 
Summary0000984: User changing password fails
DescriptionChanging user password
ERROR: /opt/web2dev/classes/w2p/Database/Query.class.php(1128) : query failed(UPDATE `users` SET `user_password` = 'f6fdffe48c908deb0f4c3bd36c032e72', `perm_func` = 'updateLogin' WHERE user_id = '1') - error was: Unknown column 'perm_func' in 'field list'
0 /opt/web2dev/classes/w2p/Database/Query.class.php:1128 dprint()
1 /opt/web2dev/classes/w2p/Database/Query.class.php:1654 exec()
2 /opt/web2dev/classes/w2p/Core/BaseObject.class.php:289 updateObject()
3 /opt/web2dev/modules/admin/admin.class.php:64 store()
4 /opt/web2dev/modules/public/chpwd.php:27 store()
5 /opt/web2dev/index.php:278 require()
BUT displays message that password has been updated & certainly not updated
Additional InformationUbuntu 10.04.1 LTS 64bit fully patched.
System timezone set to Pacific/Auckland & linked to ntp.
Testing information:
Using svn to pull current development versions from sourceforge
- config.php points to existing database ie did not create dayabase on install but used a copy of an existing one
- database updates applied
- Documentation, Importers, Exporters, Holiday modules added
- includes and files & files/temp set to permission 777
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related to 0000983closed pedroa User creation fails 
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2011-10-06 03:41   
Fixed on SVN files are:


The first file fixes issue with creating external users
Second file fixes this specific bug


Pedro A.

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