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2021-03-03 10:19 PST

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0001007Pending Requests[All Projects] Contactspublic2016-12-26 09:55
Assigned Tocaseydk 
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Summary0001007: LDAP contacts data synchronization - feature request
Descriptionw2p have some integration with LDAP, but it creates user/contact only once, at the time of first logon.
Same time, information in LDAP may be changed over time - and currently it need to be manually synchronised with data in w2p.

Proposed feature is to add preference for user, which is flag for synchronization of associated contact data from LDAP.

pref_name : SYNC_LDAP

So, if this preference set to true or 1, every time user logs in, it's contact data will be updated from LDAP (Currently only password is updated).

Additionally, to provide regular synchronization, method need to be created - which can be called either from WEB UI or from cron/scheduler (like queuescanner.php) to synchronise from LDAP contact data of all users with flag "SYNC_LDAP" set tu "true" or 1.

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caseydk (administrator)

If you're still interested in this, do you have an LDAP server we could test against?

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