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2021-03-03 10:40 PST

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0001029Pending RequestsTaskspublic2016-12-26 10:25
Assigned Tocaseydk 
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Summary0001029: New features added for task manipulation
Added new fetaures, check this out.

-added hierarchy, you can tick a task, then move up and down, you can outdent and indent these tasks also - just click on the arrows,
-autonumbering feature, now when you build your chart, it all numbered.
-finally, when you change the date of the task it is not changing it's positions, it sits there
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caseydk (administrator)

Oh... this sounds good. Thanks for the update.

I've tried to open the gzip and it doesn't appear to be valid. Can you repackage this? Also, if you can limit it to the module(s) you had to change, that would make it easier to review & merge.



caseydk (administrator)

Can you tell me what version of web2project this was built against?


axfeel (reporter)

HI ! It was built against 2.3.1 ver. We finally made it a full working solution in our company. We could use all the dependencies in real time, indent and outdent tasks in real time. It was wokring fast up about 50 tasks, because if you added more it took a long time to reload the page. Also many other features were added(i have a list of them, i don't remember now) If you're interested, I can send you it zipped but I'm on my vacation and will be home in july. Regards

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