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2022-09-26 12:47 PDT

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0001047v3.0 Release[All Projects] Generalpublic2013-08-28 11:20
Assigned Tocaseydk 
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.0.0 
Summary0001047: Project actual end date in project view is not displayed + FIX
Description$criticaltasks is not defined, thus date is empty.
fix see
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opto (manager)

contrary to Pedros post, this still does not work in a new install of 3pre, version March 6th,


robertbasic (developer)

opto, could you please tell where exactly the $criticaltasks is not defined (module/file/line)?



opto (manager)

Hi Robert,

actually, the link in the description of this bug has the fix.

Or is this not clear? maybe - it was clear to me at the time I wrote it.

I think it suffices to add this at the top of the file.

from post:

in view.php,

is not defined.

$criticalTasks = ($project_id > 0) ? $project->getCriticalTask ($project_id) : null;

and the actual end date is displayed.

A similiar statement is in index.php - should criticalTasks have been global in both files?

more info may be in the post: see description line of this bug notice.


robertbasic (developer)

I got that part, but still not sure what files are those, as files "view.php" and "index.php" are present in almost all, if not all, modules. Also, the actual lines would be also helpful.


opto (manager)

ah - well, the display is wrong in project view, so I implicitly mean view.php in projects directory.
Same dir for index.

unfortunately, the fix got lost here after pulling svn, so I don't know which line I put it in.

If you add this somewhere at the top of view.php, it works fine, if I remember correctly:
$criticalTasks = ($project_id > 0) ? $project->getCriticalTask ($project_id) : null;

 I think no matter which line, just before the html output of $criticalTasks and after declaration of global variables or retrieval of project id from post/get.

the same line is already in index.php, maybe $criticalTasks should have been global in both files? (I didn't try that).


robertbasic (developer)

Sent a pull request for this one:

@opto, I added the line in view.php, but not sure where, or even should it, go in index.php? Could you please test with the latest master branch from github ( and see is the actual end date missing from somewhere else, except the project view page?



caseydk (administrator)

Resolved in r2449;

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