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2023-03-26 23:37 PDT

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0001058Pending Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2014-06-14 17:12
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Summary0001058: The Translation Management interface adds entries with numbers to the .inc files
DescriptionBefore I touch the translation management interface, the inc file of - for example - looks clean: just a list of word entries to be translated.

As soon as I open calender in the Translation Management interface a list of entries starting with numbers is shown below the strings (see attachement). As soon as I submit the first translated item, this list of numbers is also saved in the .inc file.

Is this a problem? I continue translating under the assumption that these lines with numbers can either be ignored or removed later. But it is strange. Perhaps the lang.php file (see below) is not set up properly. Please advice.
Additional InformationIn the lang.php file i'm using the following lines are present:

$dir = basename(dirname(__file__));

$LANGUAGES['nl'] = array($dir, 'Dutch', 'Nederlands', 'nl', 'ISO8859-15');
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related to 0001079acknowledgedcaseydk v4.0 Release (Planning) New translation to Dutch NL 



FvD (reporter)

I've finished the translation, and the behavior is consistent along all the translated pages.

However, when actually activating the translation it works well. For me that is good enough.


caseydk (administrator)

The translation files are basically name/value pairs. I believe what you've seen is what happens when there's just a name and not a name/value.

It works exactly the same, it's just that someone was lazy... er.. efficient in not typing the term twice.

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