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2023-06-08 18:34 PDT

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0001078Third-party ModulesProject Importerpublic2014-06-13 19:21
Assigned Tocaseydk 
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Summary0001078: Add on: Project Importer: fatal error: wrong type call
Descriptionlatest version from SVN (about 9-10 month old) installed and fatal error reported after pressing "Import Data" button:

Catchable fatal error: Argument 1 passed to MSProjectImporter::view() must be an instance of CAppUI, instance of w2p_Core_CAppUI given, called in ..\modules\importers\view.php on line 28 and defined in ..\modules\importers\imports\MSProjectImporter.class.php on line 140
Additional Information..\modules\importers\view.php on line 28:

<?php echo $importer->view($AppUI); ?>

---> $AppUI has the type of w2p_Core_CAppUI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

..\modules\importers\imports\MSProjectImporter.class.php on line 140:

public function view(CAppUI $AppUI) {
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project_manager (reporter)

Project Importer: v4.2


Korkonius (reporter)

You can probably fix this error by changing line 140 in ..\modules\importers\imports\MSProjectImporter.class.php to:

public function view(w2p_Core_CAppUI $AppUI) {


project_manager (reporter)

Thanks Korkonius, good help !

Problem solved, the class "CAppUI" should be replaced with new (v.3.x) "w2p_Core_CAppUI" in all called functions.

Affected files: importers.class.php , MSProjectImporter.class.php .

As it works now (v.3.x with importer v.4.2) I assume that there was only a name change of this class (in ver. 3.x) without any changes in class declaration.


project_manager (reporter)

I dont know how to change the status, have no access to the Mantis issue header.


caseydk (administrator)

Resolved in development:

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