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2021-07-31 13:56 PDT

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Summary0001110: Active Directory error
DescriptionI get the following error when I try to login using the AD credentials.

PHP Warning: ldap_bind() [<a href='function.ldap-bind'>function.ldap-bind</a>]: Unable to bind to server: Invalid credentials in /opt/pifss/web2project-2.4/classes/w2p/Authenticators/LDAP.class.php on line 67
This is the definition for the AD Information, is this correctly specified or do I need to specify the objectClass:

LDap Base DN: DC=mycomp,DC=local
LDAP Host: <IP>
LDAP Port: 389
LDAP Search User Password: mypass
LDAP User Filter: ((Objectclass=*)(sAMAccountName=%USERNAME%))
Version: 3

I looked at the LDAP Broken issue and made the following changes to LDAP.class.php but I still get the same error:

$ldap_bind_dn = 'CN='.$this->ldap_search_user.','.$this->base_dn;

Any way to set debug on to see what is being generated?
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lukeD (reporter)

You can see what is being generated by adding "error_log($ldap_bind_dn);" and check your apache error log.

That said, try setting "Full LDAP Connect String" to "TDSPORTAL@mycomp.local".

LDAP still has some other issues so this will only get you to passed the authentication.


caseydk (administrator)

Dupe of 0000947

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