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2021-05-14 03:53 PDT

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Summary0001130: More Robust filter system
DescriptionWe have all these wonderful ways to categorize tasks.. We can apply departments to them, contacts, admin or operative, etc etc but we can't filter by those things.

The attributes are already attached to teh tasks, it would seem logical to be able to filter by department and other attributes at the same time

So say I wanted to list all tasks in Department A that are finished. Or all tasks in department B that are marked high priority.
Or all tasks owned by person B, in department C that are unfinished.. etc etc.

That reminds me, why can I filter by finished tasks?

Bottom line is that having a fully robust filter system in place with multiple stacked filters would go along way to sorting work on larger projects.. As my current on approaches 300-400 tasks it's getting more and more troublesome to find particular work

Basically if you just recreated the 'Actions' box in the project design screen and instead of it being to modify tasks in bulk it's to filter them we'd have exactly what I'm talking about
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