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2020-09-30 19:17 PDT

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0001185Pending RequestsUser Adminpublic2016-12-26 10:25
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Summary0001185: User Preferences --> Currency Format
DescriptionList shows only 12 instances of 1234567.89
There is no Currency Abbreviation (like AUD, USD GBO BRE, etc), no thousands separation symbol (. , " ")
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svsta (reporter)

Yes, first them were 12, but suddenly appiared that the one of them now shows correctly 1 234 267.89 RUB. Just one string. I dont know when and why.


caseydk (administrator)

I've been trying to resolve this one and I simply don't know enough about currency formats to fix this one.. I'm pushing this one to post-v3.0


sasquatch58 (reporter)

This is dealt with in ../modules/system/adeditpref.php around line 200.
The default currency format is 1234567.89.
The 12 instances of the same format are because the default is used of the 12 languages supported.
A possible solution could be to hand code a table as is done for date and time format or get an additional format added to lang.php in the locales info. This format should define decilmal place type ("." or ","), thousands separation and currency type ($, Euro etc).
Simplest but restrictive form is to hard code, best would be to tie it to locale.

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