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2021-10-17 19:12 PDT

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0001189Site Infrastructure[All Projects] Generalpublic2012-10-04 18:49
ReporterMichael Turner 
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Summary0001189: Trying to register for the demo fails
DescriptionI click on "I want to signup for a new account please" from the page I fill in the fields including the captcha field and submit. I get an internal server error on
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Michael Turner (reporter)

I tagged this "major" not because it's a major programming error that will impede anyone from using what sounds like an excellent system, but because it's a pretty major marketing error to offer a demo that's impossible to try out. I want to evaluate web2project, and a good demo is a good way to start. At the moment, I can't.


Michael Turner (reporter)

Argh, not impossible after all, but still messed up: BELOW the demo login/signup form, you put the instructions to sign up as "admin" and using password "test". Put that information ABOVE the form. Perhaps I'll file this as a separate issue.

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