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0001203Pending Requests[All Projects] Generalpublic2012-11-21 21:34
Assigned Tocaseydk 
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Summary0001203: Moving from dotProject 2.16 tables are not correctly converted
DescriptionWhen migrating from dotproject 2.1.6 to web2project 2.4, after migration I get nothing but a blank screen and error 500.

This is the sequence of step I've done.
Unzipped web2project on a folder named web2project
Copied folder files form dotproject to web2project
Copied file config.php
Modified file UpgradeManager.class.php adding line case '2.1.6': immediately after line case '2.1.5':
Start the installation

When I start the conversion it tells me the message above and the following:
onfig file could not be written
The following content should go to ./includes/config.php. Create that text file manually and copy the following lines in by hand. This file must be readable by the webserver.
Failure to create this file as instructed will render your web2project installation non-operational.
Save yourself (and us!) some time and please follow directions. Thanks.

I replaced the content of config.php with the one proposed and tried to login but it failed error 500.

I'v added line "case '2.1.6':" in classes/w2p/Core/UpgradeManager.class.php with no luck.

The only way to fix the prolem was to remove the prefix dotp_ froma ll tables. I had to do it even if I specified the dbprefix in config.php.

In my opinion if I can specify the dbprefix it should work with this prefix.
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duplicate of 0000648closedcaseydk Make the Install Script Table Prefix Aware 



caseydk (administrator)

I'm closing this one not because it's resolved but because this is a duplicate.

At present, web2project does not formally support database prefixes but is on the agenda post v3.0. I've updated the converter to stop the process if you are using prefixes.

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