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2019-12-06 07:22 PST

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0001267Pending RequestsTaskspublic2014-04-05 17:52
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Summary0001267: Can't modify user % assigned from Tasks Per user view
DescriptionCan change User Priority but... can't change % assigned for a user
Additional InformationGit version 756062179285f91deb81d07cd7b63bcec083569b

Server Ubuntu 12.04LTS
Server timezone UTC+13 (NZDST)
User timezone UTC+13 (NZDST)
Client Win XP Pro - Firefox
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caseydk (administrator)

I really can't make sense of how this screen is supposed to work. It's a mess at best.. and a horrible mess at worst.

Do you use this heavily?

I would prefer to deprecate it or completely rework a screen to replace it.


sasquatch58 (reporter)

Not used a lot but picked up the issue in testing/ work through of functionality.
Normal place for me to edit User % assigned is from within the Task editor (1st) or from the Project Designer (2nd)


caseydk (administrator)

This will be addressed at a later time when we rebuild/replace this screen.

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