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2023-03-20 05:30 PDT

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0001269v3.2 ReleaseCore Infrastructurepublic2014-07-16 21:30
Assigned Tocaseydk 
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Target Version3.2Fixed in Version3.2 
Summary0001269: queuescanner won't work when files are present
Descriptionqueuescanner sends email messages showing errors whenever any file has been uploaded. No problem when no file exists. When a file is present, it looks like queuescanner tries to execute that file. For example,

If I upload "tryme.txt", with the contents:

The following results:
scott@brahe:/var/log$ php /var/www/secure/scottprojects/queuescanner.php
sh: elephant: not found
sh: canary: not found
sh: quit: not found

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scotts (reporter)

removing u and g execute priv on files directory does nothing. Removing o execute priv changes the error message (directory name edited):

scott@brahe:/var/www/secure/xxxxxxx$ sudo chmod o-x files
scott@brahe:/var/www/secure/xxxxxxx$ php /var/www/secure/xxxxxx/queuescanner.php
PHP Warning: fopen(/var/www/secure/xxxxxx/files/0/1625196093513394049976d): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /var/www/secure/xxxxxxxx/modules/files/files.class.php on line 373
PHP Warning: fread() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /var/www/secure/xxxxxx/modules/files/files.class.php on line 374
PHP Warning: fclose() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /var/www/secure/xxxxxxx/modules/files/files.class.php on line 375
/usr/bin/strings: Warning: could not locate '/var/www/secure/scottprojects/files/0/1625196093513394049976d'. reason: Permission denied
PHP Warning: opendir(/var/www/secure/scottprojects/files/temp): failed to open dir: Permission denied in /var/www/secure/xxxxxxx/modules/reports/reports.class.php on line 31


caseydk (administrator)

Are you seeing this under the more recent development version?


caseydk (administrator)

Resolved in development:

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