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0001290v3.0 Release[All Projects] Generalpublic2013-08-28 11:17
Assigned Tocaseydk 
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.0.0 
Summary0001290: Most contacts not visible via Contacts page
DescriptionI've just updated to a copy of Master downloaded from the main repository yesterday. I now find that the Contacts page displays only a couple of contacts (not from my company, but owned by me), but the full set of contacts for any company still appear on the contacts tab of any company entry.

I'm guessing that the "Select all contacts and display them here" code for the Contacts page has a filter on it somewhere that shouldn't be there?

I can't see any obvious link between the two contacts I see when veiwing "All Contacts" - one is added relatively recently and the other a few months ago. Both are owned by me, but there are dozens of contacts owned by me.
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simonnzg (reporter)

I see, looking on github, I think the commit has modified the Contacts module to only get contacts with NO company, rather than get contacts REGARDLESS of whether they have a company or not. Am I right?


carlosazevedo (reporter)

I have corrected this bug in my (hopefully temporary) fork of the W2P code. You can find it at


simonnzg (reporter)

Thanks! I'll slip that fix into my existing setup and see how I get on.


caseydk (administrator)

Here's the fix already merged into core:


simonnzg (reporter)

No, that's the fix that broke it. Somehow, and I'm unable to tell you why, it makes the contacts module ONLY select contacts with no company.


caseydk (administrator)

I have 2400+ contacts in my dev system and I have all of them - company or not - displayed on the Contact List.


simonnzg (reporter)

Just applied Carlos' lines of fix code to my test system and I have all my contacts back. I'll attempt to find out what caused them to disappear and report back.


simonnzg (reporter)

Last edited: 2013-03-17 05:11

OK. Bear with me: I can just about follow what's going on here, but it's still a foreign language and I'm missing important insights due to not knowing much about the syntax.

Going back to the code, on line 463 is:
"$q2->addWhere('company_id IS NULL')" - If I change to "IS NOT NULL" I get all the contacts reapper that have a company attached to them, but those without a company disappear (as you would expect). If I leave it as "IS NULL" I only get those contacts that do not have a company.

The next line seems to be merging $q1 and $q2 if not already in $q1, but it seems to be exluding the contents of $q1 if they are also not in $q2, if you see what I mean. I could also be breaking $q2 so only $q1 is considered, of course.

carlosazevedo's approach is completely different, and I'm having trouble following what he's done, but it seems to work for me.


caseydk (administrator)

Resolved as described:

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