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2019-11-21 13:35 PST

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0001335Pending RequestsProject Designerpublic2014-04-05 17:32
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Summary0001335: set time by projectdesigner does not respect time intervals
Descriptionedit task in my environment restricts minutes to 00 15 30 45,
projectdesigner sets any minute.

Also, on Win7/IE, minutes can not be set because the calendar jumps between two sizes when mouseover and it is impossible to hit minute field
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caseydk (administrator)

Since the time field is free-form, we have to figure out what to do here.. What's the preferred behavior?

If someone puts 8:01, setting it to 8:00 makes sense.
But what about 8:07 or 8:10?

(And for the record, any project manager doing that sort of input is a little crazy..)


opto (manager)

same behaviour as in add task? Only 15 min increments?

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