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2020-08-07 17:04 PDT

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Summary0001346: Cannot filter files list properly
DescriptionI spent several hours mucking about trying to find a way of getting a customer to view and edit HIS files, but not see everyone else's. Whilst I can set permissions to allow access to a particular file, it won't follow the file's versions. I can set the Files module to "View" or "Access" or both, but I cannot make it view just his files.

The behaviour is not as I would expect. The user can see the files list (all of them) but cannot access any except his own.

I suspect this is related to 0001345 but don't know enough about the internals to be sure!
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caseydk (administrator)

Are his files attached to a specific project?


simonnzg (reporter)

HIS file is associated with the only projectbhe's allowed to see. I think, of several hundred files, only about three are not associated with a project. I have had to add Module:Files AVAE to allow him to see his own file and edit it. I am surprised that he can see everything, although access to files is a bit different to access to a specific project. The project ID won't change, but that file will change ID every time it's changed. Not so easy to wild-card. From your question, you're thinking that the file selection isn't being linked to a particular project, or that the file is orphaned?


caseydk (administrator)

Permissions to files should be limited by the projects he is allowed to see.

If there are orphaned or non-attached files, anyone with access to the Files module will see them.

If you wanted to block him from having unattached files, you'll have to change the validation logic to check for a valid project id when he creates/edits the files.


simonnzg (reporter)

The files he's seeing are properly associated to projects. He can't see as many files as he thought he could, but he's seeing file records he shouldn't.
The column headings on the files list (he Files Menu, not Project Files Tab) shows that he has four files, probably versions of his only file, but displays files from various low-numbered projects not associated with his.
Very strange. Just uploaded a screenshot.

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