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2022-12-05 17:10 PST

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0001360v3.0 Release[All Projects] Generalpublic2013-08-08 10:34
Assigned Tocaseydk 
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Summary0001360: Dynamic task - duration calculations
DescriptionDynamic tasks aren't correctly updating dates or durations.

Project dynamic task
  Dynamic task group 1
    Task 11
    Task 12
      Task 13 (dependent on T12 - not a child)
  Dynamic task group 2
    Task 21
    Task 22

If using cascaded dynamic tasks, each with sub tasks then:-
1. "Project dynamic task" durations count Dynamic task durations and next level of task durations ie result is 2 x what it should be
2. "Dynamic task group 1" doesn't include "Task 13" duration in its count

Additional Informationgit version 653bedca3fa70b277f51524d5719ae6843e1bf4a

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child of 0001361closedcaseydk v3.1 Release Incorrect % complete calculations for dynamic tasks 



caseydk (administrator)

Last edited: 2013-08-04 11:10

"Dynamic task group 1" doesn't include "Task 13" duration in its count

Correct. A dynamic task should only include its children (and grandchildren, etc), so this is behaving exactly as designed. This is also how it operates in other task scheduling/tracking systems such as MS Project.


caseydk (administrator)

There are some minor issues with how this is calculated.. mostly works but the occasional oddity if the task tree is/isn't built in a certain order.

I have yet to 100% determine what that right order is.


sasquatch58 (reporter)

Should have added a screen capture - % complete for dynamic task shows as 127% for child tasks at 30% and 5% respectively.

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