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2022-12-06 09:27 PST

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0001375Pending RequestsPDF Generationpublic2014-06-14 19:51
Assigned Tocaseydk 
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Summary0001375: PDF Gantt Chart only showing first 22 task
DescriptionWhen Large projects gantt charts are printed to PDF only first 22 task are displayed.

the task also are not sorted the same as the display looks like the PDF id sorted by end date while the display is sorted by start date

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duplicate of 0001257closedcaseydk v3.2 Release Gantt chart print to PDF only shows the first 24 tasks 
has duplicate 0001462closedcaseydk v3.1 Release Gantt chart only shows first 22 rows when printed to PDF 



caseydk (administrator)

The current work around is to click "full project" and use the image instead of the PDF. If a PDF is absolutely necessary, use the image and "Print as PDF" to get the desired file.

This is a little more flexible as you can specify the date range to display.


dlw1660 (reporter)

I understand this work around might be more flexible however this work around has been in place for a long long time. it was first reported long before the 3.0 release and it keeps being moved to next release where it is not fixed. I have people using this that have a hard time with the work around and it also doesn't give as professional looking result as it does when running it the way it designed to work. This now affects all gantt charts as the header information is down over part of the chart itself


caseydk (administrator)

Closing this in favor of the earlier issue 0001257


caseydk (administrator)

Finally resolved this one for v4.0 but you should be able to just grab this patch:

My test projects had 22, 105, and 364 tasks and each worked as expected.

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