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2019-11-17 22:44 PST

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0001393Third-party ModulesTimecardpublic2014-04-05 17:46
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Summary0001393: Timecard module does work under version 3.0
DescriptionI have just upgraded from version 2.4 to 3.0 and this appears to have created problems with the timecard module.

After setup of version 3 I copied over the modules/timecard directory from under the 2.4 hierarchy. When I view the modules from the system admin page the timecard is there and reports version 2.2, but when I try to view the weekly time card the screen is empty (other than the menu tabs).

The Apache error log reports:

PHP Notice: CTitleBlock has been deprecated in v3.0 and will be removed by v4.0. Please use w2p_Theme_TitleBlock instead. in /var/www/html/mysite.local/web2project/classes/deprecated.class.php on line 275, referer: http://www.mysite.local/web2project/index.php?m=projects
PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function getModuleClass() on a non-object in /var/www/html/mysite.local/web2project/modules/timecard/vw_timecard.php on line 10, referer: http://www.mysite.local/web2project/index.php?m=projects

Line 10 of vw_timecard.php is:
require_once( $AppUI->getModuleClass( 'tasks' ) );
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sasquatch58 (reporter)

Attached timecard from my test system
Mostly works under V3.0
- compatible with holidays module (see other upload
- no errors in logs but...
- don't get comprehensive project list or task list when using the add task log tab. I need to spend some time on this.
- other screen formatting issues (task by user) yet to be resolved
cheers, sasquatch

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