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2023-03-27 00:30 PDT

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0000014v1.0 Release (Closed)[All Projects] Generalpublic2008-07-23 08:15
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Summary0000014: Cost Code
DescriptionIn task Logs there are a field "Cost Code", but I don't now where I can create
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adolfo (reporter)

Other thing, when click on task update, the browser show the same "loading" and the progress bar of the browser (Firefox) never start.


pedroa (administrator)

You can set Cost Codes on System Admin., Billing Code Table

About the task update, could be something to do with email configuration on System Config. or your dreaded Mysql connection died.


Pedro A.


adolfo (reporter)

Thanks by Cost Code

email configuration it's ok, because I receive correctly the mails of W2P installation.


pedroa (administrator)

Closing this issue because it was originally about Cost Codes.

Pedro A.

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