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2023-06-05 11:00 PDT

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0001403v3.2 ReleaseProjectspublic2014-07-16 21:28
Assigned Tocaseydk 
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Target Version3.2Fixed in Version3.2 
Summary0001403: Total target budget cost not saved in table
DescriptionThe total target budget is well calculated, but never seaved in the database.
So it is never displayed in the project information.
I try to manually save the right value in database, but was turn to 0.00 as soon as I modifiy and save project.
In edit mode the right value is calculated (addition of all estimated costs) but impossible to have it in database dynamically.
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caseydk (administrator)

I can't reproduce this one as described using the develop branch from Github.

Can you attach a screenshot showing specifically which values you expect to update but don't?


stef (reporter)

All the values in projects table for project_target_budget are set to 0.00.
Maybe matter of units ????


caseydk (administrator)

It turns out this is only calculated on the fly and never saved anywhere.. we should either save it into the projects table or remove the field to make it less confusing.


caseydk (administrator)

Resolved for v3.2:

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