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2022-01-28 17:31 PST

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Summary0001437: Budget enabling
DescriptionCurrently, display of budgets in projects is set via the System Admin.
Not all projects will want this and I suggest that the enabling tick box and currency selection is moved to the Project setup page. Advantage is not losing the valuable screen real estate at the top of the page.
Even with this enabled, it could be given a expand/ contract control like that used in the Project Designer.

The currency selection could be a drop down of the standard codes (USD, GBP, EUR etc) as per ISO 4217. Displayed currency symbol is derived from this.

Similarly, budgets would only show in Tasks if enabled for the Project and suggest auto hide by default.
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caseydk (administrator)

Mostly agreed.. though I suspect Budgeting will become its own module before all is said and done. I don't think it's core enough to be included in the main system/admin.

My 0.02.. and I'm willing to be wrong. :)

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