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2023-06-01 21:05 PDT

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0001469v3.2 ReleaseProject Designerpublic2014-07-16 21:27
Assigned Tocaseydk 
PlatformXAMPP, PHP 5.3.8OSWindowsOS Version7, 64bit
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Target Version3.2Fixed in Version3.2 
Summary0001469: project designer does not work
DescriptionThis is follow up for 0001441. I don't know how to post there.
Testet the Version from today (20.03.2012).

This is not fixed me. Independend from what i choose in project designer, no changes will be applied to any task.

Also it's not possible to choose all tasks by klicking the checkbox above the first task.

Testet with Firefox and IE
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japhwe (reporter)

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Maybe you can to tell me how many versions i could go back without destroying anything in the database. I think i remember project designer working last time in 3.0.

We can't juggle complete projects by moving each task separatly any longer.


caseydk (administrator)

Resolved in development:
except for the "check all" checkbox..


japhwe (reporter)

Well, thanks a lot for fixing this partially. In a short test I was able to change progresss of some tasks.

Unfortunately I'm still not able to "Date Move" tasks. No error messages, the tasks just stay at the date where they are. Not moving + or -. I checked tasks with and without dependency.


caseydk (administrator)

"Date Move" functionality resolved in development:


caseydk (administrator)

Resolved the "check all" functionality:

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