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2022-12-06 05:55 PST

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Summary0000157: Show Parent / Child Task relationship, Milestones in reports
DescriptionIn the various reports, all the relevant tasks are listed in flat format so someone reading the report is unable to tell the Parent / Child, Task / Subtask relationship between the tasks.

Specifically, on the "Task List" report, it would be great if subtasks were listed directly below the parent task with some indication of which are the parent tasks, subtasks, milestones etc.

The hierarchy used to display the info in the GANTT chart and the expanded Task List on the Project Designer page would work well for the reports.
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caseydk (administrator)

Since the data appears to be correct, just not represented in the clearest way possible, I think this should be classified as an "annoyance" even if it's a "major annoyance".

This issue is a legacy of dotProject (just confirmed in their latest release) and since this will require cleanup and reworking of every report currently in the system, I recommend that this is moved to a post v1.0 release.

All in favor?

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