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2021-03-03 10:18 PST

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0001574Third-party ModulesFlex Reportspublic2014-08-16 19:00
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Summary0001574: Pre3.2: Flexreports isn't functioning
DescriptionThe flexreports screen correctly displays the flexreport list, however the reports cannot be run or edited. When the report title is clicked on (to run the report) or when the pencil is clicked for editing a report. The screen changes to blue with the server time in the top left and the search, help, my info, etc buttons in the top right. Same thing when creating a new flexreport. The form is displayed properly, but after adding the report name and description and hitting continue, the confirm box is displayed, then when ok is pressed, the blue screen is displayed instead of the form to select fields, etc.
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2014-07-01 13:29 aaw New Issue
2014-07-02 20:31 caseydk Project v3.2 Release => Third-party Modules
2014-07-02 20:31 caseydk Category Reports => General
2014-08-16 19:00 caseydk Category General => Flex Reports
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