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2018-12-13 05:26 PST

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0001612v3.4 Release (Cleanup)User Adminpublic2016-12-26 23:37
Assigned Tocaseydk 
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Summary0001612: permissions broken already in 3.2 release: cannot set any permissions
Descriptionsame in today's master

can't set a 'guests' permission to a specific project.

page returns to a white page, permissions are not set

created company, user, project all with same name.
want to grant the user with guest role just access and view to this one project

same for companies.

system does add something, if I reload the page, but there is no item description in thast field
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caseydk (administrator)

What is the url that actually returns the white page?


opto (manager)



caseydk (administrator)

Are you getting any message in the logs?


caseydk (administrator)

There were two issues with this one..

First, the $canDelete was never getting set, so this wasn't letting you delete things. Fixed here:

The secondary - and smaller - issue was that post-action, the routing wasn't sending you back to see your change. Fixed here:


opto (manager)

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this is still there:

create new guest
set permission to view one company (-> this actually does bring up the default page shown if no permissions - the single company is not shown - see separate bug)

add permissions for all companies - now user can see company list
delete all company permission
deltete single company permission
reset a new single company permission
-> whitepage

OK, it seems this happens if I forget to check any of the permissions checkboxes. Still, that should just silently return and do nothing, but not give a whitepage.


caseydk (administrator)

Resolved in development:

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