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0001686v3.4 Release (Cleanup)Gantt Chart Generationpublic2016-12-31 11:48
Assigned Tocaseydk 
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Summary0001686: Gantt Chart JPGraph PHP Error (owner_ids)
Steps To Reproducefrom projects display, invoke gantt chart on all projects (or any subset)
Additional InformationThe condition which sets the variable $owner_ids isn't always met therefore $owner_ids doesn't get set consistently. The addition of an "else" remedies this:

Line 39-47 needs to be replace with this:

** Load department info for the case where one
** wants to see the ProjectsWithOwnerInDeparment (PwOiD)
** instead of the projects related to the given department.

if ($addPwOiD && $department > 0) {
    $owner_ids = __extract_from_projects_gantt($department);
} else {
    $owner_ids = 0;
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caseydk (administrator)

Resolved (pretty much) as described:


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