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2022-09-26 11:17 PDT

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0001728v3.5 Release (Development)[All Projects] Generalpublic2019-01-01 16:15
ReporterPatrick Hoornaert 
Assigned Tocaseydk 
PlatformWeb2ProjectOSXAMPPOS Version
Summary0001728: Strange effect on task_percent_complete when deleting Task Logs
DescriptionWhen designing reports based on task_percent_complete, I noticed peculiar behaviour when deleting Task Logs. Team Members do not always book at the correct level, so we regularily got to clean up some Logs. When task_percent_complete becomes NULL (not even 0%), these task no longer appeared in my queries.
Steps To Reproduce1. Add 2 or more task logs
2. Set task_percent_complete to 1 to 100%
3. Delete Task Log > task_percent_complete becomes 0% (0 in MySQL)
4. Delete last remaining Task Log > task_percent_complete becomes NULL
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caseydk (administrator)

Can you share the query that you're attempting?

I just tried this out on the latest 3.4 development branch and got the behavior that I expected.

From an existing task, I created a log:
- for 10 days ago at 10% complete;
- for days ago at 50% complete;
- for today at 100% complete

The Task was marked as 100% complete. When I deleted the last log, it dropped back down to 50% as expected.


Patrick Hoornaert (reporter)

1. Added 1 Task Log (used a non-dynamic task)
2. Query below to select active tasks (normally I use W2P classes in PHP)

SELECT task_name, task_percent_complete FROM projects
JOIN tasks ON projects.project_id = tasks.task_project
WHERE task_id = 3813 and task_percent_complete <> 100

3. This task shows up as active
4. Manually deleted Task Log
5. No result, because task_percent_complete of this Task became (Null) and not 0 (percent) as you would expect. My quick fix was adding clause "task_percent_complete <> 100 OR task_percent_complete IS NULL"

Maybe resolved in 3.4? Anyway we'll need to upgrade from 3.3.

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