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2023-06-05 10:20 PDT

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0000198v1.1 Release (Closed)[All Projects] Generalpublic2009-09-09 22:39
Assigned Tocaseydk 
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Target VersionFixed in Version1.1 
Summary0000198: Installation crashes with dotProject conversion
DescriptionNew manager.class.php can't instanciate NewADOConnection due to missing somewhere down the hierarchy. Temporarly added require_once of in index.php from install seemed to relieve. However, not sure this was the right place to put this in. View my index.php after fix.
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caseydk (administrator)

Are you sure this is in the v1.0 release or did you get it from SVN?


egemme (reporter)

Sorry for the confusion. It comes from SVN. I know SVN is not stable but I found v1.0 not 100% ready to replace the quite stable dotProject 2.1.2. Also, I'm currently integrating Timesheet and HelpDesk so I prefer to stick with bleeding edge code. Do you recommand me to slow down and stick to stable code?


caseydk (administrator)

As long as you're willing to accept that head/trunk isn't always stable - and don't complain about it much ;) - then I welcome you to use it and share your feedback.

This issue is resolved as of r487.


caseydk (administrator)

Closed for release.

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