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2020-08-08 05:51 PDT

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0000206v1.1 Release (Closed)[All Projects] Generalpublic2009-09-09 22:42
Assigned Tocaseydk 
StatusclosedResolutionwon't fix 
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Target VersionFixed in Version1.1 
Summary0000206: Missing abbreviations in en/
DescriptionThere are several missing abbreviations in en/ preventing complete translation of system configuration module.
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related to 0000193closedcaseydk Special Characters (i.e. German 'Umlaute') are not displayed correctly for projects 



caseydk (administrator)

Which ones? Can you attach a diff of the fixed file or a list of the ones that need to be added?


egemme (reporter)

When viewing w2P in english, these are

note that the corresponding tooltips abbreviations are also missing.

And btw, the check_task_empty_dynamic_title seems lost on top of the list. Is it at the right place? Shouldn't it be in the task group?


caseydk (administrator)

While those definitely *aren't* found in the translation files, I can't find where they're used *anywhere* in the system... not even in the database creation scripts. Suggestions on where in the code or which screens I can see this one?


egemme (reporter)

Hi, it's normal since config items are all softcoded in config table in the DB. Therefore, is it possible I got more items in my config table than yours? Always keep in mind that I migrated from dP ! I included two html outputs: config and config_list. I presume a cleanup must be done to these tables to match new w2P requirements.


caseydk (administrator)

Thanks, I use a fresh install and test conversion using a dP 2.1.2 installation.

Thanks for the info though, I'll check it out.


egemme (reporter)

In dP, permission.class.php refered to several gacl config items as per this excerpt

    function dPacl($opts = null) {
        global $db;
        if (!(is_array($opts))) {
            $opts = array();
        $opts['db_type'] = dPgetConfig('dbtype');
        $opts['db_host'] = dPgetConfig('dbhost');
        $opts['db_user'] = dPgetConfig('dbuser');
        $opts['db_password'] = dPgetConfig('dbpass');
        $opts['db_name'] = dPgetConfig('dbname');
        $opts['caching'] = dPgetConfig('gacl_cache', false);
        $opts['force_cache_expire'] = dPgetConfig('gacl_expire', true);
        $opts['cache_dir'] = dPgetConfig('gacl_cache_dir', '/tmp');
        $opts['cache_expire_time'] = dPgetConfig('gacl_timeout', 600);
        $opts['db'] = $db;

w2P just doesn't have these. They must be defaulted everywhere in the code. I don't mind removing them. It might also be nice to have the conversion script do some sort of cleanup, but this is really not urgent 'cause these extra config rows don't hurt at all. This just make config screen a bit ackward.


caseydk (administrator)

Thanks for the info... I'm going to move this to "Won't Fix' as they're configuration options that don't get used anymore. If you can let me know what version of dotProject you converted from, we can make sure to remove those values upon conversion.



caseydk (administrator)

Closed for release.

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