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0000214Pending RequestsTaskspublic2014-08-16 18:23
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Summary0000214: Refactor Tasks to Support Multiple Dependency Types
DescriptionFrom discussion with Pedro:

The current task_dynamic field will be refactored into a set of fields:

1) The task_dynamic will be 1 or 0, whether the task is an umbrella/dynamic task or not respectively. Period.
2) Three new fields to the task dependencies table:
2.1) dependencies_type, that determine the dependency mode as described before.
2.2) dependencies_offset, negative value is lead, positive value is lag, default is 0
2.3) dependencies_offset_type, 1 or 24: hours or days.
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parent of 0000216new Support Additional Task Dependency Types 
related to 0000215new Task Dependency UI 
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